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Paul talks about the upcoming UK/Europe tour and talks a bit about the song Rock Paper Scissors.

Episode Six - Big Fright

Paul talks a little bit about setlists and band rehearsals, and then discusses The Stories Behind the Songs book as well as I'm Dancing Inside.  

Episode Five - Phonecast

A quick catch-up podcast recorded on my phone. Hope the audio is OK and you don't mind a rambling one-sided conversation!

Welcome the Episode Four! In this episode Paul talks about formatting his laptop, the writing process behind a song on the new album, and a little bit about Patreon. Enjoy!   Here...

A quick bonus episode to give an update on the Patreon site. Thanks for listening! Have a look at the Patreon site here:   Cheers! Paul.

Episode Two - Tremolo!

Welcome to Episode Two! In this episode, you can hear Paul talk about his favourite guitar effect, Radiohead, and some more info about the upcoming Patreon site (amongst other ramb...

This is the first episode of our Podcast, it's a test run. There may be sound issues, there may be incorrect facts, there may be dogs barking in the background. Don't judge us too ...