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Helllo 2020

Intro music by Rob Davidson. Instagram: @the_understudy_ After a long break, this podcast returns!  

Welcome to 2019!   Paul talks about the Brighter Side of Hell.

Paul talks about the upcoming UK/Europe tour and talks a bit about the song Rock Paper Scissors.

Episode Six - Big Fright

Paul talks a little bit about setlists and band rehearsals, and then discusses The Stories Behind the Songs book as well as I'm Dancing Inside.  

Episode Five - Phonecast

A quick catch-up podcast recorded on my phone. Hope the audio is OK and you don't mind a rambling one-sided conversation!

Welcome the Episode Four! In this episode Paul talks about formatting his laptop, the writing process behind a song on the new album, and a little bit about Patreon. Enjoy!   Here ...

A quick bonus episode to give an update on the Patreon site. Thanks for listening! Have a look at the Patreon site here:   Cheers! Paul.

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